A digital product designer and a front-end developer who has 4+ years of experience in solving problems and creating solutions for the web and mobile.

I got my start by working for a startup called Eltropy as a Designer & Developer 3 years ago. I worked hands on various platforms like Salesforce, Electron (hybrid desktop apps), iOS and Android etc giving me opportunity to learn and gain a skillset to provide valuable experiences on numerous platforms.

I started working remotely with MARKET Protocol an year ago as a product designer and front-end developer. I'm involved in building a decentralized exchange which brings derivatives onto the blockchain which has its unique challenges since decentralized web apps doesn't have much wider adoption compared to normal web apps. Designing for the decentralized apps has helped me do things and think in a way which I wouldn't do while designing normal web apps.

The best part of my work from past year or so is I get to do it remotely which I believe is the future of work. It enforces me to establish clear communication, set clear goals across my teammates which has made my work style much more efficient and collaborative than earlier.

Apart from work, I like to travel (I know its clichéd but I’m a person who believes change in routine can help in maintaining the creativity levels), spending time dribbling on my iPad pro, photography, playing BR games.

My personal goal for 2020 is to add fitness into my daily routine and so far to be honest, I’m not doing a good job at it but I’m working hard towards achieving it

my 2019 statistics

I’m a life tracking nerd.
I’ve been tracking my locations through Foursquare from past 7 years. Couple of years back I started to track more endpoints of my life such as steps via Fitbit, online presence via RescueTime, weight via Withings scale etc. Here are some of my stats in 2019

took a total of 1.6m steps

travelled to 43 cities

spent 2685 hours online

played badminton 24 times

music I listen to

I love listening to music. Be it while working, commuting or while just chilling. I have a weird sense of music taste where it shifts from one genre to another time to time. I’ve curated some of favs in the following playlists.

that electronic musicthat 70s musicthat synthwave musicthat Rock jam music

I love taking photographs

One of the main reason I travel is to take photographs through my journey. I shoot with a Canon EOS 6D, edit with Adobe Ligthroom. Here are some of my photographs taken in the past years.

that electronic musicthat 70s music
that Rock jam musicthat synthwave music